Bob Reeves Patented Valve Alignment

Bob Reeves is coming back to Australia!

For 2 days only Bob Reeves and his team will be at The Music Place in Melbourne performing their patented valve alignments. Two years ago we had a fantastic time learning from them and everyone who had their instrument worked on were amazed by the change and improvement. Book early as spots are very limited and are sure to fill up.

November 18th and 19th


Do I need a valve alignment?

Even if your trumpet came from the factory with perfectly aligned valves (which almost NO horn does), every instrument eventually needs adjustment.  If the valve pistons don’t align perfectly with the ports on your trumpet, the air flow is adversely interrupted.

When your valves aren’t lined up properly, each valve combination gives a different timbre. When the timbre changes, a musician will compensate with their chops in order to even out the timbre. By compensating with your chops, you are working harder than necessary to play the instrument. When you are working harder than necessary, the upper register is more difficult.

When your valves are in proper alignment, you don’t have to compensate as much to even out the sound. The upper register becomes easier and more consistent.

What is actually done?
Over the years Bob Reeves has developed a method to accurately align the valve ports.  They start by inspecting your instrument and working out how far out the alignment is. By precise measurement they use specially developed materials to change how far the pistons depress and where they stand at open. Sometimes this is achieved through changing the materials and felts alone other times adjustment to the length of various components is required.

For a more detailed explanation of the process you can download Bob Reeves’ ‘Valve Alignment Guide’ here.

What to expect afterwards
Your instrument will blow freer, slot tighter and have improved intonation the result of which helps to increase range, tone production and endurance.

Trumpet $339* (add $65* for 4 valve)

Bob Reeves trumpet mouthpieces and their newly released trombone mouthpiece range will also be available for trial and purchase.

Book now via email or by phone 03 9699 9099.  A $50 deposit** is required to lock in your place.


*prices subject to change pending foreign currency exchange rates.

**Cancellations must be advised at least 2 business days prior to your booking (ie. by 10am on 16th November) Any cancellations after this time will forfeit the deposit paid. Any cancellation with less than 1 business days notice may also be liable for the full valve alignment charge if we are unable fill the booked time slot.