Repair Shop

Maintenance, Repair & Restoration

While you wait instrument servicing – emergency service. Please just call in to our workshop. We always have a technician on site.

“Book in” servicing – This is the best way to “jump the queue”.

Melbourne – Contact or phone 03 9699 9099 – Head Technician: Cal Barry
Sydney – Play Wind and Brass Contact or phone 02 9550 0100 – Head Technician: Scott Mackenzie

Please contact us and book in a day and time for this service. For handmade flutes, we will need your instrument for a complete day – 8 hours.

Spend time with us, the technicians – this is another way we can improve your instruments performance. By adjusting spring tensions, key heights and in some cases moving or customising key positions, we can greatly improve the playability of your instrument. We can help your instrument to “fit you” much better.

Allow us, the technicians, to assist you in your next instrument purchase. If you are buying a new car you should talk to a mechanic. Buying your first/next/another instrument is very, very similar. Technicians have their heads and hands on instruments every day and they know good construction, how construction affects sound production, how plating is affected by different geographical and environmental conditions. Like all players, we have our favourite brands and models and a sound that we like, BUT a technician will always ask what are you looking for? What sound are you after? How much playing will you be doing? How much do you have to invest? The setting that you will be playing in?