Inderbinen Instruments

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In conjunction with Temby Australia, The Music Place is proud to present Inderbinen Instruments.

In an Australian first, these handmade Swiss artisan woodwind and brass instruments are available to test and order here in Melbourne.  With a considerable complement of the Inderbinen range on its way to us, you can catch up with some of the background behind this historic opportunity by reading David Temby’s recent experience with Thomas Inderbinen, here.

Used and preferred by many of the world’s leading artists, Thomas Inderbinen’s handmade creations are the epitome of well-rounded mature, yet contemporary instrument design.  With the Wood flugel rated by many as simply the best flugelhorn available.

Ready for the curious brass musician, we currently have a range of 4 Inderbinen trumpet models and 3 saxophones available to try – bookings are essential.


Our range of Inderbinen trumpets offers a truly unique experience to any trumpeter wanting to find a prestige instrument to help them express their music. They are beautifully handcrafted instruments that allow a range of tonal colours that are not characteristic in more mainstream trumpet models.



Each Inderbinen trumpet possesses distinguishing features, such as bell design, or materials that give an individual sound and response unique to each model. With a traditional tuning slide plus a tuneable bell featured on each model – Inderbinen trumpets can be adjusted to respond in completely different ways,  according to the player’s individual preferences and requirements.

Inderbinen trumpets simply have to be experienced to be understood.