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Here are some secondhand and vintage horns we’ve had pass through recently. We really love connecting collectors with special instruments – especially if that horn has an interesting history.

Conn Symphony Trumpet

This is an incredible example of this famous trumpet from the golden age of Conn USA trumpet making. This .458” bore horn has a rotor valve in the main tuning slide to convert from Bb to A. Valve slides are changed to match. Note the extensive engraving which was later discontinued. The pics tell the […] READ MORE

What’s Sold – Vintage Brass

We love horns with a history. Luckily for us, we get to see some great horns pass through our little world – some well-loved horns that collectors want restored and some that need a new home. As these horns that have played themselves through history pass through our hands (for sale, etc.) we’ll post them, […] READ MORE