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Vandoren Mouthpieces Explained

Clarinettists, ever wondered what those weird symbols on your mouthpieces mean? Well I'll lay it out for you. First of all you may have heard the term 'Profile 88' floating about in mouthpiece descriptions. This simply outlines that the exterior angle of the beak is different to a the traditional angle, allowing each player to choose [...] READ MORE

The Importance of Mouthpiece Design

This new Jody Jazz advertising campaign highlights the importance of mouthpiece design in instrument functionality. With the headline “All Mouthpieces Are Not Created Equal” the new advertisement takes a humorous approach to visually representing what the average high school Jazz band sax section can often sound like, invariably due to the students’ use of inadequate mouthpieces.

D’Addario Jazz Select Saxophone Mouthpiece

Following the success of the Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece, D’Addario launched the Select Jazz Mouthpiece for alto saxophone in 2014. Drawing its inspiration from coveted vintage feel and tone, the Select Jazz Mouthpieces are milled,not molded. Using D’Addario’s precise computer-controlled mouthpiece-making technology, they deliver a sound and quality that surpasses all expectations. “D’Addario has brought [...] READ MORE