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Get more out of your reeds

All reed payers have experienced the frustration of reeds in a box that don’t perform! The chances of having a box of reeds that all play well is next to zero. Over the years there has been all kinds of methods touted by different players using sand paper, glass & knives that are capable of […] READ MORE

The search for a better reed

As every reed player knows reeds can be the most infuriating part of playing. Cane is a natural product & as such it is subject to seasonal changes as well as being subject to the environment.For most players however cane still provides the best tone & flexibility. Enter the Forestone  Hybrid Reed  Forestone reeds are […] READ MORE

Mouthpiece Placement and Intonation

From this article, I hope that you gain an understanding of how moving the mouthpiece on the neck cork affects the instrument as a whole. There is a delicate relationship between the notes played with the left hand and the notes played with the right hand as well as an interplay with the instruments key heights and ultimately its tone. Where you place the mouthpiece on the neck cork is both a result of and an effect of these variables.

Start Playing Again!

You had a great time playing an instrument at school but later on, things got in the way and you stopped playing? Very few people lose their passion for playing music. Things just sometimes get in the way and people stop playing for one reason or another. There is no doubt that adults who come […] READ MORE

Stephen O’Connell’s records on Temby Saxello

Stephen O’Connell (composer and saxophone player) is one of the most highly regarded and sought after saxophone players in Australia. Stephen has a broad background and training in classical music traditions and has specialized in the fields of jazz, blues, funk, rock and pop with extensive recording and live experience. He has toured, played and […] READ MORE