The Importance of Mouthpiece Design

This new Jody Jazz advertising campaign highlights the importance of mouthpiece design in instrument functionality.  With the headline “All Mouthpieces Are Not Created Equal” the new advertisement takes a humorous approach to visually representing what the average high school Jazz band sax section can often sound like, invariably due to the students’ use of inadequate mouthpieces.

Are You Playing A Lemon?

“We are continually surprised and confused that still after all these years so many Band Directors continue to recommend to their students the same old mouthpieces, designed for concert band use and not jazz band.  All fine mouthpieces, but simply not designed for and suitable for a jazz sax section.  It’s a subject Jody Espina feels passionately about and he has made it his mission in life to change this mindset in Band Directors. It’s really not fair to the kids, says Jody, you are holding them back. It’s no wonder so many of them have difficulty getting a a jazz sound and end up getting frustrated, I’ve seen this first-hand. But the right mouthpiece can be transformative.  The positive effect it can have on a student’s sound, improvising and overall self-confidence is immeasurable.  Jody identified early on that the JodyJazz HR* series, our most popular mouthpiece range, perfectly met this need; offering students, and Band Directors a top quality, fairly priced and super-consistent mouthpiece ideally suited for jazz band.

The students featured in the advertisement are the actual saxophone section of the Jazz Band at the Savannah Arts Academy School right here in Savannah. (ed: where JodyJazz are based)  Not only were they perfect subjects for the photoshoot, but the section also provided a perfect demonstration of the very point that the Ad itself is making. This sax section was very typical in the mouthpieces that they were playing, mostly stock mouthpieces. As a thank you for posing for our ad, Jody fitted and gave the section JodyJazz HR*s or JodyJazz JETs depending on which mouthpiece worked best for each player and ultimately the entire section was outfitted with a JodyJazz mouthpiece.  The sound difference was dramatic and immediate. Much more sound and confidence came out of the section.  Band Director Mike Nestor commented, ‘JodyJazz mouthpieces really opened up the sound and projection of my sax section. From covered and muted to deliberate and sonorous.’  We would like to thank the students and Mike Nestor for allowing Jody to finally realize this Ad concept that he had been thinking about for a long time.”

Here at The Music Place, we agree that Jody Jazz mouthpieces are a great product and may be the most consistent ‘pieces on the market today.

But, even if they’re not the mouthpiece for you, we recommend trying several options to give yourself a dedicated mouthpiece for the sound you’re looking for.  Our team of woodwind players can help you narrow down your mouthpiece search to help you find your sound.

It really makes THAT big a difference.

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