Backun MoBa Throat Notes

The purpose of this booklet is to maintain our collective curiosity about the myriad of possibilities to be expressive with the clarinet. There have been many books on fingerings printed in the past. Hopefully, there will be many more in the future. However,

if you are able to find even one fingering useful, the mission
of this booklet will be accomplished. More than anything, I would like to encourage you to use your imagination to further expand on the information given. There are several pages in the back of this booklet with blank fingering diagrams for you to discover your own alternate fingerings, or to share with your colleagues. It should also be noted that some fingerings may vary in effectiveness, depending on the brand of instrument and mouthpiece played, and ultimately, the ability and sensitivity of you, the artist.

How to Use This Booklet

The highlighted tone holes are those that need to be covered. Please keep in mind that, at times, alternate fingerings will call for semi-closed tone holes. The highlighted keys are the ones that need to be actuated.

It is very important to understand that, while having alternate fingerings is useful, they are only as useful as one’s level of musicianship and sensitivity. This is a guide to encourage critical musical thinking and, as such, it should remind us to think of the clarinet as a tool of expression.

Good luck,

Ricardo Morales

Principal Clarinet, The Philadelphia Orchestra Co-Developer, MoBa Clarinets and Accessories by Backun Clarinet Faculty, The Curtis Institute of Music
Clarinet Faculty, Temple University.

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