Prototype Tenor Saxophone
Prototype Tenor Saxophone

Prototype Tenor Saxophone

Hurry, limited stock remaining!
Prototype Saxes

These saxes come to us as samples built to our specifications. We got them to assess their suitability for production. That means they're brand new, and ready to play as well as any $1500 horn. They're just not 'badged' and come without cases or new instrument warranty.

Make no mistake, these are still excellent instruments.

Each horn has a slightly unique design engraved by our in-house artisan.

New horns of this calibre are never found this cheap.

Please Note: While there are new instruments available from other countries that cost significantly less, The Music Place only chooses to stock products that we know meet our stringent quality demands so that you may be assured of playability, reliability and resale value from all our instruments.