Jupiter 767 Alto Saxophone
Jupiter 767 Alto Saxophone

Jupiter 767 Alto Saxophone

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.The 700 Series saxes have been given the thumbs-up by pro musicians for their clean rich tone, smooth key action, and metal resonators resulting in increased projection. This is a great investment for the advancing student looking an affordable step up instrument with outstanding specs.

Don’t be fooled by this student horn - it’s a real winner.

Yellow brass body with gold lacquer finish
Power forged brass keys with needle steel springs
Wrapped octave key with stop post
Auxiliary high F# key
Articulated G# key with titling Bb rocker arm
Fine adjustable screws on D, E, F, A, B keys
Waterproof pads & adjustable thumb hook

Please Note: While there are new instruments available from other countries that cost significantly less, The Music Place only chooses to stock products that we know meet our stringent quality demands so that you may be assured of playability, reliability and resale value from all our instruments.