BuzzzMaster by David O'Neill
BuzzzMaster by David O'Neill

BuzzzMaster by David O'Neill

Keep the buzz fresh!

Unlike using your mouthpiece alone or lip buzzing, the BuzzzMaster design creates
an internal air flow with unlimited range that causes a simulation of the resistance
felt when playing an actual brass instrument.

warm up routine BuzzMaster by Trumpet Artist David O'Neill

Brass players find it very useful for bringing bruised
lips back to life after intense performances.

Whether you play the Trumpet, Cornet,
French Horn, Trombone, Tuba or Euphonium,
BuzzzMaster by David O'Neill is your answer!!!

To use, simply insert the mouthpiece into
the BuzzzMaster just as you do when
playing your instrument.

A perfect warm up, buzz enhancement and embouchure development tool
to help you target in and focus on your air stream and tongue placement, plus maintain
proper embouchure formation to maximize your buzz for pinpoint accuracy.