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Vandoren Mouthpieces Explained

Clarinettists, ever wondered what those weird symbols on your mouthpieces mean? Well I'll lay it out for you. First of all you may have heard the term 'Profile 88' floating about in mouthpiece descriptions. This simply outlines that the exterior angle of the beak is different to a the traditional angle, allowing each player to choose [...] READ MORE

Turn Listening into Playing

In my previous two posts I mentioned how important I believe it is for musicians to develop their listening skills, both to recognise styles and to be able to build the sound of their playing. This is where the rubber meets the road, and in this post I hope to show how to turn listening into playing.

More Listening Thoughts

In my last post I wrote about the importance of listening to music and how having a healthy collection of recordings can help your development as a player. I thought I would expand on some of the benefits of listening and share some more listening thoughts on how you can use it in your daily practice. [...] READ MORE