Buying Your First Instrument

Our guides to buying your first saxophone, flute, trumpet, clarinet or trombone

How do I know which brand and model of instrument to choose?  

It is very easy to be overwhelmed or confused by varying information and opinions on which brand and model to buy?

Simply – different brands and models of instruments and mouthpieces suit different individuals – the “One Size Fits All” instrument really does’nt exist!  

Want to know more?

We have prepared individual buying guides for saxophone, flute, trumpet, clarinet and trombone. We trust that this information will help you to gain a better understanding.

Visit us for your personalised “instrument fit-out”. You will be guided through a logical, informative and truthful process that will help you to identify the best options for you and your budget. Alternatively, phone us on free call 1300 729899 and take as much time as you want, to explore the answers to your questions.

As a dedicated specialist woodwind and brass store, we sell, service, repair, guarantee and support quality brands and models knowing that the most suitable instrument (for you) in your price range will give you the best chance of success in learning and enjoyment. We then provide ongoing support by our in-store technicians, to make sure that your musical investment keeps working correctly and efficiently.

The Music Place stores stock new, secondhand and vintage instruments … most of the brands, most of the models, all of the time! 

If you are unsure about what to invest to get started, perhaps our RENTAL options are for you…