Test Inderbinen’s Exotic Range

David Temby, after spending time with Thomas Inderbinen and his staff in their brass and woodwind instrument making premises in Switzerland, lets us into the world of this famous brand and the man behind it:

“I was very lucky to spend so much time in the Inderbinen design and making facilities. It was incredibly valuable to see and understand in detail and depth, all the processes involved in making the instruments that arguably set the world benchmark of handmade horns. To gain a technical understanding of how and why Inderbinen horns respond, sound and play so incredibly, was a very exciting experience. It was also great to learn much more about the mind of the man behind the world famous instruments. Located in the exclusive watch making centre of the world, it is easy to see how excellence in precision, artistry and the pride of Inderbinen’s forebears have had a huge impact on the innovation, quality and depth of technical understanding that results in a handmade Inderbinen instrument.”

In Australia The Inderbinen exotic range will be available through The Music Place stores in South Melbourne and Annandale

“I am privileged to have already enjoyed a very close relationship with Inderbinen Handmade Instruments. As an expansion of our relationship, Thomas Inderbinen and I have decided that it would be a great resource for Australasian musicians to be able to view, discuss technical aspects, test play and buy his instruments in Australia. His exotic range of trumpets, flugelhorns, trombones, saxophones, flutes and mouthpieces will be available through The Music Place stores in South Melbourne and Annandale. Current Inderbinen instrument owners will be pleased to know that replacement parts, repairs and servicing will also be available through these stores.”

“Inderbinen instruments are played by many leading players throughout the world, including Australia. Until now, the acquisition cycle has involved a visit to the factory in Switzerland, followed by a 9-12 month wait for delivery of a new instrument. For Australians, whilst the wait has always been worth the result, travel to Europe and accomodation has made this a very costly exercise. Inderbinen see great value in being able to offer our direct service in Australia.”

“Over the next months, a comprehensive selection of trumpets, flugelhorns, trombones, saxophones, flutes and mouthpieces will be arriving. Viewing and test playing will be by appointment. You can register your interest by emailing me (David Temby) on temby@temby.com or phone 1300 729899. If you have any queries about Inderbinen horns, please feel free to contact me.”

“This is a very exciting and unique partnership for musicians and ourselves. Please join us in the Inderbinen experience”

Arrival timings of the different models we’ll have available for testing

(see our Inderbinen Products Page – under VINTAGE & MORE – for more details)

Trumpets Here Now:

  • Alpha 100
  • Silver Art
  • Toro
  • Amarone

Flugelhorns Arriving December 2014:

  • Wood
  • Sera

Saxophones Arriving December 2014:

  • Tenor
  • Alto
  • Soprano

Flute Arriving January 2015:

  • Brass B Foot
  • Silver B Foot

Trombones Arriving February 2015:

  • Ballet Quart
  • Piccola

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